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Sentences from the distant past, words of the ancient Aryans.

xšnaoθrahe ahurahe mazdå.

for the satisfaction of Ohrmazd.

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Elementary Pārsīg (Middle Persian/ Pahlavi) Course – Spring 2022

This course, pārsīg ī āsān / “Easy Pārsīg” consists of 80 hours (60 hours of lesson teaching + 20 hours of writing and speaking workshop) is conducted in three sections of 20 hours, with online and recorded sessions, and will be conducted for a Persian-speaking (or familiar with Persian) audience -though a similar course forContinue reading “Elementary Pārsīg (Middle Persian/ Pahlavi) Course – Spring 2022”

“To Drink Wine is to Stand by Peace” – Select Admonitions from the Sixth Book of Dēnkird

The sixth book of the compendious book of Dēnkird is a handarz collection, that is, ‘admonition, instruction, precept’ from the Ancient Sages (Pers. pōryōdkēšān < Av. paoiryō.t̰kaēša). Its content ranges from the sayings of those first guides up to the instructions of their followers in the Sassanian period, like Ādurbād ī Mahrspandān and his descendants.Continue reading ““To Drink Wine is to Stand by Peace” – Select Admonitions from the Sixth Book of Dēnkird”

Iranian Psychology (2): Fravaṣ̌i-Nature

The two articles translated in this series are from the edition of the New Persian Zoroastrian psychiatric text named Rāsta by Raham Asha. You can find the articles in PDF format in the titles:Introduction to RāstaThe Life-WindFravaṣ̌i-Nature Fravahr-Cihr, Fravaṣ̌i-Nature If we don’t disregard the Iranian ideas on fravaṣ̌i, we must accept that they spoke ofContinue reading “Iranian Psychology (2): Fravaṣ̌i-Nature”

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